MyKRIS Net MSC specializes in Location based Services (LBS) solutions and E-commerce platform since its inception in year 2006. The products developed are aimed to help enhance customer's experience though best-in-class customized solutions to suit their needs. Some of our products are specifically designed to serve remote needs. Among them are for child safety solution and enterprise solution. These products feature innovative functions, and offer location tracking via satellite GPS technology to gather accurate data.

Child Safety Solution

child safety solution

I Locare Child Safety Solution is specially designed to aid parents in keeping an eye of their children remotely. It helps track accurate location information buy using satellite GPS system. The system packs innovative features like emergency call, safe zones, 2 way calling etc. More...

Enterprise Solution

enterprise solution

I Locare GPS Enterprise uses intelligence derived from location information to help integrate telecommunications and internet into a complete location based service solution. This allows customers to keep track on location of workforce and corporate customers anytime. More...